Solargraph Project: January 8, 2012 - June 10, 2012

So at the beginning of this year when I was making goals and such I stumbled across a brilliant kind of pinhole camera called a solargraph. For those of you who don’t know what a solargraph is, it’s a pinhole camera designed to create a six month or longer exposure measuring the path of the sun as it moves across the sky. Now I’m not gonna lie, this is a PAAAIN if you’re an impatient person like me. But the results are well worth it. It’s a cool little project to do on your own and you don’t need to spend a bucket load of cash on it.

I set these two cameras up on January 8th, 2012 and took them down today on June 10th, 2012. The image from Camera #1 (Codename: Burt) turned out the best of the two (I feel) but the image from Camera #2 (Codename: Bud) turned out interesting as well!

And to explain what you’re seeing, the streaks of light are the sun moving across the sky, everywhere there’s a dark band or the light band is interrupted means there wasn’t any sun or a cloud obscured it.

Hope you enjoy the fruits of my 5-6 month wait. I might offer this as a print if people are interested, I know I want to get one for my bedroom wall. Any questions or comments direct to my ask box or to my DeviantArt page. :3

Tools Used:
1 Aluminum Hawaiian Punch Can (Per camera)
Black Duct Tape
Black Electrical Tape
Black Cardboard
RC neutral toned paper, matte
X-Acto Knife
Sewing Needle

Time Taken
5 months and 2 days

Photograph © ~The-Wandering-Angel All Rights Reserved.

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